Greater Palm Springs Tourism Business Improvement District (GPSTBID)

Established June 26 2020, the GPSTBID is an assessment on overnight room stays for Short Term Rentals (STR) within the district. The assessment was established to promote and market assessed short- term vacation rentals as well as key priority projects established annually by the Greater Palm Springs Convention & Visitors Bureau (CVB).  The assessment rate is “1%” of gross short-term room rental revenue and is collected by the County Tax Collector on a quarterly basis.  All lodging establishments providing overnight room stays for less than 28 consecutive days within the unincorporated areas are subject to the assessment.

The assessment is against the operator as defined by the resolution; however, the charge is typically passed through the guest like Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT), though it is still required to be remitted even if it was not.  New or unregistered lodging establishments are required to register with the County Treasurer-Tax Collector in order to properly submit the quarterly payments.  Registration forms can be found here.  GPSTBID Quarterly billing statements can be found here.  Stays for more than 28 consecutive nights are exempt from paying the assessment, but must file for the exemption.

If you have any questions regarding the resolution, you may contact Davis Meyer at 760-969-1360 or visit www.GPSTBID.COM

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